The Brandenburg Academy on Drugs and Development Policies


Deeping knowledge on sustainable drug policy and exchanging directly with global experts - the Brandenburg Academy on Drugs and Development Policies makes it possible

With the global pandemic largely preventing study trips and on-site counselling, the GPDPD developed the virtual Brandenburg Academy on Drugs and Development Policies (BBA) in 2020. Based on the successful Brandenburg Forum on Drugs and Development Policies, the BBA is a capacity building e-learning tool aimed at government representatives from partner countries, representatives from UN institutions and civil society. In a three-week course programme, the BBA offers an interactive learning and exchange platform on sustainable approaches to drug policy. From theory to practice, the programme provides a comprehensive insight into the topics presented. The BBA benefits from the GPDPD’s extensive international network. Reports and experiences from diverse group of governmental and civil society partners in the field of development cooperation, drug policy and sciences, offer tangible and policy-relevant content.  


In 2020, the BBA’s focus was on Alternative Development. In 2022, Harm Reduction will be at the centre of the programme. During the three weeks, participants can decide for themselves when to devote themselves to the diverse content and insights. At the end of each week, they also have the opportunity to exchange their ideas directly with experts from around the world in a confidential setting. This makes the BBA a practical e-learning tool for people who want to deepen their knowledge on effective and human rights-based drug policies. No matter where they are in the world.


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