The DDH Experts


The Drugs and Development Hub (DDH) seeks to expand a more robust, long-lasting, and collaborative network between government representatives, academics, and activists. The hub initiators – the GI-TOC and the GPDPD – advocate for and engage in a multidisciplinary approach towards evidence-based and people-centred discussions on drug policy.


The DDH has built a relationship in Latin America with the Universidad de los Andes as a core regional partner, with whom the DDH launched a JIED special issue on the environmental impact of illicit economies. In Africa, the DDH benefits from the consistent engagement of the African Union, including their contributions to online events, podcasts, and videos.


Drawing on the GI-TOC network and in consultation with the GPDPD, the Drugs and Development Task Force (DDTF) was established. It brings together experts from different backgrounds and regions to facilitate discussions about current phenomena surrounding illicit drug economies. The DDTF´s members are selected for their vast expertise and in-depth knowledge of drug policy, organised crime, and development. These experts thereby contribute to a more holistic understanding of recent drug policies and discuss past as well as future development interventions. The DDTF holds regular topic-related meetings to exchange knowledge and invites members to collaborate for joint drugs and development publications, including papers and podcasts.


The Journal of illicit Economies and Development Special Issue: Environmental Impacts of Illicit Economies

This Special Issue of the Journal of illicit Economies and Development seeks to enhance the evidence basis and understanding of the environmental impacts of illicit economies beyond traditional crime-focused indicators.



Our current podcast is a deep dive into the regional realities of the illicit drug market. It also includes an in-depth discussion of possible responses.


Our videos introduce you to the topic of drugs and development in different settings and regions.