Drugs and Development Hub

What is the Drugs and Development Hub (DDH)?

The Drugs and Development Hub (DDH) promotes evidence-based and people-centred discussions on drug policy. The open platform offers government representatives, academics, and activists from around the world the opportunity to learn and rethink drug policy together. In doing so, the DDH advocates for multidisciplinary approaches and presents the real experiences of communities affected by illicit drug markets. The DDH strives to help shape a new vision for drug policy for all who are interested and produce up-to-date podcasts and webinars as well as organise online events.

The DDH regions

The DDH aims to promote new research on drugs and development with a special focus on Africa, Asia, the Western Balkans and Latin America, and to provide a unique space for dialogue and exchange on multidimensional approaches with local and regional government officials, academics and activists.

The DDH network

We believe in co-creating and building a network between government officials, academics and activists from around the world. As such, the DDH has established a Drugs and Development Task Force.


The Journal of illicit Economies and Development Special Issue: Environmental Impacts of Illicit Economies

This Special Issue of the Journal of illicit Economies and Development seeks to enhance the evidence basis and understanding of the environmental impacts of illicit economies beyond traditional crime-focused indicators.



Our current podcast is a deep dive into the regional realities of the illicit drug market. It also includes an in-depth discussion of possible responses.



Our videos introduce you to the topic of drugs and development in different settings and regions.