DDH Podcasts

1. African Drug Markets and Alternative Development

The Drugs and Development Hub explores what drug markets and cultivation look like on the continent of Africa. We also look at how a multidimensional approach could help stem the tide of illicit drugs and improve the lives of those people affected.

2. Drugs and Development Hub Regional Conversation

This is the second episode covering the DDH and multidimensional policy responses to the drug issue in Africa. The podcast aims to generate a more in-depth discussion on the topic, particularly from a regional and local context, and to promote more complex responses based on a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. These responses include rural and urban development, as well as harm reduction approaches and drug policies based on protecting human rights.


The Journal of illicit Economies and Development Special Issue: Environmental Impacts of Illicit Economies

This Special Issue of the Journal of illicit Economies and Development seeks to enhance the evidence basis and understanding of the environmental impacts of illicit economies beyond traditional crime-focused indicators.



Our videos introduce you to the topic of drugs and development in different settings and regions.