60. Commission on Narcotic Drugs: Side Event Innovation Lab


The Innovation Lab has been developed by GPDPD on behalf of BMZ...

The Innovation Lab has been developed by GPDPD on behalf of BMZ in cooperation with the London School of Economics (LSE). It convened for the first time groups of government experts, academics and civil society representatives to foster a vibrant, interactive and multidisciplinary environment for specific thematic areas at the intersection of drugs and development. The objective of the Innovation Lab was to translate the April 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) outcome document and recent international debates into tangible policy proposals that respond to local needs and realities in affected countries not only with regards to illicit drug crop cultivation in rural areas, but also challenges related to urban drug economies. The side event „Breaking New Ground: Innovation Lab on Drug Policies and Development“ with around 40 participants presented the methodology and the results of the first two Innovation Labs. The speakers from GIZ, LSE, UNODC and the Mae Fah Luang Foundation gave insights into the discussions and summarized outcomes and policy proposals. They highlighted the importance of innovative, implementation-oriented policy approaches to tackle the world drug problem as well as the benefit of exchange between practitioners and academics with different working backgrounds

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