Drugs & Development Hub

Rethinking drug policy

Phenomena, policies and programmes related to drug economies are often viewed too one-sidedly. The interplay of different perspectives is promising in order to understand and address the complexity of drug economies and their economic, social and ecological consequences. 



Together with the London School of Economics and the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, the Global Partnership on Drug Policies and Development (GPDPD) has launched an initiative to bridge this divide and create new perspectives for an integrated drug policy: the Drugs & Development Hub. The idea is to bring together academics, decision-makers and people affected by drug economies to highlight and discuss new approaches, data, initiatives and networks. The focal point are rural regions in the countries of origin and transit of illegal drugs, which are often particularly affected.


In the Colombian capital of Bogotá, the platform was officially launched January 2020 in the context of a workshop and a public event at the renowned Universidad de los Andes. The focus was on three thematic areas: development-oriented approaches to drug economies in rural as well as urban areas, and the resilience of communities affected by drug cultivation and trafficking.


The discussions raised various questions: Can development measures in drug-cultivating regions be reconciled with environmental protection goals? Can principles of rural development also be applied to dealing with drug problems in cities? How can the local press be mobilized and protected in communities heavily affected by drug economies?


Under the umbrella of the Drugs & Development Hub, further events, digital exchange formats, new research initiatives and projects will be brought together in the future to discuss these and other questions.


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